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5 things I hate about my 2010 Honda Fit

Not to sound overly gloomy, but there’s a twinge of satisfaction I get by writing about things that really bother me. What can I say? It’s fun to spew my frustrations to the internet when nobody else in my daily life wants to listen to me complain! So right off the heals of the list of things that I don’t like about my Mustang, here’s a list of 5 super-annoying things that I hate about my 2010 Honda Fit.

1. The air conditioning is completely worthless

Luckily I live along the coast here in southern California (where it’s always a balmy and breezy 70 degrees), because I would not be able to live with this car in a hot climate. The air conditioning in this car is so bad that I can have it set to the coldest setting with the fan on high – and I’m still sweating buckets. That says a lot considering I am a very thin cold-blooded person who gets chilled very easily.

climate system controls
Weak air conditioning is something I complained about in my detailed list of 2010 Honda Fit problems

2. There is a massive blind spot caused by the huge A pillar

I can’t count the number of times I’ve nearly killed a pedestrian while turning left because of that fact that it’s so hard to see around that fat A pillar. It’s so thick and pushed so far forward that I literally have to bob my head back and forth and side to side before turning left at EVERY intersection to make sure there are no pedestrians walking across.

I don’t think there are any law enforcement officials (or lawyers) that would sympathize with me if I blame my car for hitting someone who was innocently walking across the road in front of me…

a-pillar blind spot
Massive blind spot caused by the fat a-pillar

3. The body panels are paper-thin

Ok, I’ll admit it. Sometimes I listen to really cheesy easy-listeing music on my drive home from work to help erase some of the stress built up during the day. The problem? The bodywork on the Honda Fit is so thin that it doesn’t absorb any of the sound from the stereo very well!

That means whatever I’m listening to is broadcast to everyone around me. It’s hard to look cool when there’s the sound of Celine Dion or Wham resonating from the body panels of my car.

2010 honda fit stereo
It may look harmless, but this stereo has the power to blast sound through the paper-thin body panels of the Honda Fit
paper-thin body panels
Pictorial evidence of said paper-thin body panels

4. Hills are the nemesis of the Honda Fit

I wouldn’t have any complaints at all about the engine of this car if I lived in a pancake-flat region of the US. While it won’t shred the tires off the rims, she’s got plenty of power to merge in and out of traffic without too much heavy breathing.

All of that comes to a grinding halt on any hill with a grade of 4% and higher (which is common here in Southern California). It’s an embarrassingly bad problem when cars start clogging up behind you when you are going up hills.

I tend to hold my head in shame as other drivers blow past while my Fit struggles to keep going. The engine actually says VTEC right on the top, but it simply doesn’t kick in, yo…

2010 honda fit gauges
8,000 RPM and 140mph speedo? Don’t make me laugh – the fit can’t get anywhere near this kind of performance.

5. The horn is far to wimpy to be taken seriously

The act of laying on the horn to alert another driver of their incompetence should be a startlingly loud and obnoxious event. You want the other driver to be jolted into consciousness, feeling shame and embarrassment for the act of poor roadsmanship they just committed.

Unfortunately, this is not possible with the Honda Fit. There have been a number of occasions over the years where I smashed the horn in anger, wanting to spew my fury of frustration as loudly as possible.

weak horn
Wimpy horn of the Honda Fit

I’ll wrap this up by saying that I actually like the Fit very much – despite how badly I may have been dissing it above. It’s actually a great little car all things considered, and I have absolutely no plans of trading it in on something else within the next few years.

To emphasize that fact further, be sure to read my in-depth Honda Fit vs Civic comparison. Spoiler alert: the Civic is a great car, but it’s not as good as the Fit.

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