Why are jeeps so expensive

Why are Jeeps SO freaking expensive? Seesh…

Jeeps are popular SUVs, mostly due to their ruggedness, their durability, and just the name itself. But why are Jeeps so expensive? Sure, we all think they’re great SUVs, but are they worth the price tag?

If you know anything about Jeep, you probably also know it’s a Chrysler brand. Chrysler makes other SUVs, including the Dodge Durango, among others. Dodge trucks and SUVs are likewise associated with hardiness and ruggedness, but they’re cheaper than Jeeps.

expensive red jeep
Really, why are Jeeps so expensive? It’s more than just a little annoying sometimes…

10 Reasons Why Jeeps Are so Expensive

There are several reasons that answer, “Why are Jeeps so expensive?”

  • Jeeps hold their value better than other makes and models. When you drive one off the lot, it doesn’t depreciate nearly as quickly as the average new vehicle. The Jeep Wrangler Unlimited holds its value for the longest out of all of Jeep’s models. In comparison, the Ford Escape has one of the lowest resale values in the SUV category.
  • You’re paying for the idea that Jeeps, particularly Wranglers, are better than everything else on the market for everything from off-roading to handling adverse road conditions, like ice and snow.
  • They’re more versatile than other SUVs and even many heavy-duty trucks out there. You can drive them on almost any terrain, particularly if you buy a Wrangler. That’s true for both the two and four-door options.
  • If you like making modifications to your off-road vehicles, Jeeps lend themselves to that quite well, even if you’re so extreme you decide to turn yours into a six-wheeled, off-roading monster.
  • The Jeep brand has a long and storied history. Did you know they didn’t start out with that name? They go back to WWII when Willys Overland won a contract with the U.S. military to build and deliver four-wheel-drive vehicles for the war. At the time, people knew them as “MBs,” but they soon picked up the word “jeep” as a nickname.
  • Jeep no longer produces as many vehicles as it used to. The market has a high demand for SUVs, and Jeep can price theirs higher because they are fewer of them on the market than other SUVs. That also reduces the supply of used Jeeps.
  • Of all the automakers producing SUVs, Jeep is the only one that has V8 and diesel options for some of its vehicles, like the Grand Cherokee.
  • Even Jeep subcompact SUVs, like the Renegade, are versatile, durable, and practical, and have earned a solid reputation among younger car buyers.
  • People have shown they’re willing to pay higher prices not just for Jeep’s high level of quality, but also because almost all of them are high-purpose vehicles. You can use them for pretty much anything.
  • Some Jeep models, like the Grand Cherokee, are far more reliable when towing things. You can tow as much as 7,400 pounds with a Grand Cherokee two-wheel-drive Eco-Diesel.

Are Jeeps REALLY Worth the Extra Cost over Other SUVs?

That depends on what you want. If you want the most reliable, practical SUV for your everyday commute, running errands, and driving in bad weather, then you’ll see most Jeeps are overpriced. You can find many brand-new SUVs with better reliability for these things than Jeeps for a lower price.

Jeep Trail Rated badge
Is it really worth it to pay more for a “Trail Rated” badge?

That’s especially true in the used-car market because Jeeps hold their value so well. You can find used SUVs from the same model year as whatever Jeep you’re looking at, and probably get it for significantly less.

There are Jeeps on the market right now that, frankly, aren’t worth their price tag, including in the off-road world. For instance, the 2020 Wrangler is one of the most unreliable SUVs out there right now. It has two recalls, notorious tech problems, and bad body integrity.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for an SUV that you can customize to your heart’s content, particularly for off-roading, then you can’t beat the Wrangler.

How to Find a Good Deal on a New Jeep

With all of that said, if you want a new Jeep, go ahead and buy one. But you’ll probably want to find a good deal on one because they’re more expensive than their counterparts.

new Jeep Wrangler
It’s worth it to shop around to get the best deal on new Jeep

Look first for deals and incentives from Jeep itself. Many automakers will offer deals on their websites, and dealerships have offers and incentives, too.

  • Also, see if you can contact Chrysler Capital because they might have a list of all the best deals that Jeep currently offers. Or, if you’re talking to a salesperson at a dealership, ask them what additional offers you can get via Chrysler Capital.
  • Don’t forget about timing. Automakers and dealerships tend to have their best deals on the table for the previous model year in the spring, when they’re trying to make room for their brand-new inventory. These cars are all still new, but they’re selling for a lot less than the new models will during the summer.
  • Try to buy from an independent seller who’s desperate to sell, as you’re likely to get a better deal this way. Besides, the time it takes to buy a used car is sometimes shorter than buying a new car, so I’d always advise buying second-hand.

Automakers and dealerships also tend to have good deals during the holidays. If you can wait to buy a new Jeep, see what starts coming up around the holidays. You might find yourself surprised.

Best Places to Find a Good Deal on a New Jeep

You can most easily find out the best places to find a good deal on a new Jeep with a quick internet search. You’ll get a large number of websites showing you where all the best deals are and when you can take advantage of them.

jeep interior
Finding a good deal on a new Jeep isn’t hard! It just takes patience – something I can’t say I have a lot of…

Again, the first thing you should do is go to Jeep’s website and see what they have. If nothing else, you’ll know what they have and then you can comparison shop.

After that, you can look at car websites and even media outlets. For instance, U.S. News & World Report has a list of deals and incentives you can find for new Jeeps that includes every model.

Websites like Cars Direct can also give you a list of the best deals on new Jeeps that can help you decide whether you’re better off buying or leasing. TrueCar will list some incentives alongside the price, and Cars.com will list MSRP and the lowest price you can for which you can buy a new Jeep.

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