Shmee150’s net worth

Shmee150’s net worth: “baller” is not a strong enough word to describe it

While I can’t replicate his success, I did just sit down and try to calculate Shmee150’s net worth. I began by estimating his income from the various income sources (such as his videos and sponsorships). I then added the approximate value of all his cars and deducted what I thought could be some of his key expenses.

Based on the content he produces (and income from various other sources), I estimate the net worth of Shmee150 to be about $15 million. It could certainly be higher based on how involved he is in a variety of different business ventures (which I’ll explain below).

First of all, who is Shmee150 (and why is his net worth so dang high)?

For those not familiar with him, Shmee 150 is the professional name of British vlogger and Youtuber Tim Burton. If you’re a car aficionado like myself, chances are that you’re subscribed to Shmee150’s Youtube channel.

With over 2.3 million subscribers to his YouTube channel and 1.5 million Instagram followers, Shmee is a force to reckoned with in the world of exclusive automotive content.

Shmee150 new Lamborghini
A new Lambo? Just another ordinary day for Shmee150!

I don’t know about you, but I’m totally jealous of Tim and his lifestyle. Traveling the world to drive the most exclusive cars, covering the best racing events, and being paid to test drive and review cars is pretty darn cool. What’s not to like about any of that?

The following is a detailed explanation of how I calculated the overall net worth of Shmee150:

Shmee150’s Annual Income

Based on what I can tell, Tim (Shmee) has 6 main sources of income. He’s often touted as the hardest working guy in automotive YouTube, and I believe it. 

Anyway, here’s a breakdown of Tim’s primary income sources:

1. YouTube

Shmee’s Youtube channel is the mainstay of his growing empire. His career as a Youtuber and vlogger started in 2010 when he attended a Top Gear event and was fascinated by the new Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s parked outside. He made a video of the cars that hit 10,000 views in a few weeks – even though the video was amateurish (just as bad as my stupid videos are).

Shmee knew he was onto something, and then there was no looking back. With over 2 million subscribers to his channel, his content receives more than 80 million views every month across Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Ad Revenue

According to Social Blade, he has over 4000 videos on his channel that have received nearly 900 million views combined. The major source of income is the ad revenue generated from views. His videos get an average of 300,000 views per month. The amount Youtube pays per 1000 video views can vary between $2-$7.

These rates also depend on other factors such as the device, location, type of advertisement, type of content as well as the number of ads in a video.

YouTube Premium

YouTube Select is an advertising program that allows advertisers to display their ads on the most popular videos with high engagement rates. The rates for these advertisements are higher than average.

Youtubers also earn extra income from YouTube Premium subscribers who pay a monthly fee to watch videos without ads. Here the amount of money they get paid is based on the watch time of their videos.

Given this background, I estimate his earnings from his Youtube channel alone could be up to $2- $3 million.

2. Merchandise and Branding

Given Shmee150’s popularity, particularly among a younger audience, he is ideal as an ambassador for brands, products, and services aimed at that demographic. He has landed many sponsorship and partnership deals with brands such as Cars & Coffee, Gameloft, Global Telemetrics, Lego, Keyless Protector, Omaze, Topaz, and YouTube.

I’d assume these also help generate a lot of income for Shmee. It can be approximately $1 million, if not more.

3. Shmee Finance

Shmee also has a venture that he calls Shmee Finance. It is a partnership with Harrington Finance and Approved Motor Finance. From what I understand, Shmee earns a commission on referring people to these companies for car financing.

For what it’s worth, I applaud Shmee for getting so involved in business ventures outside of YouTube. These outside deals can be very lucrative, and it’s really is the smart way for automotive YouTubers to ensure a steady stream of income if something were ever happen to the platform.

4. Partnerships

Shmee also has a partnership with Minichamps in Germany. The company sells a variety of model cars based on Shmeemobiles in his garage. He likely earns an affiliate income or a commission for each one that sells. These models are highly detailed and very expensive.

Shmee has also listed several products on his websites that sell via his affiliate partners. These include sunglasses, polos, socks, tire cushions, wall bumpers, and digital drawings. He makes affiliate income from the sale of these products.

5. Book Deals

He is a published author. His book called “Living the Supercar Dream” hit the shelves in 2016. This book is still in print and is available for purchase online and in bookstores across the globe. Book sales are another source that makes him money without having to do much.

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6. Consulting

Lastly, he also works as a consultant to car brands. From what I can tell, the consultancy gigs alone could bring in another $2 million.

If we add the income from these various sources, I believe Shmee150 earns up to $6 million every year.

Shmee150’s Most Significant Assets

1. His Car Collection

It is easy to guess that his most significant assets are his cars. He owns about ten (very expensive) cars at any given time. I’d estimate his collection being valued at about $5 million. This is a conservative estimate, and the real value may be much higher.

Shmee also sells a lot of cars (there is a lot of turnover in his collection). The earnings from the sales of these cars can be considered a significant asset. I estimate his earnings from car sales alone could be around $3-$4 million.

2. Real Estate

He also owns a house in Central London. And as we all know, Central London is particularly pricey. A quick property search tells me that his come  could be worth anywhere between a million dollars to 5 million dollars.

Since I don’t know much about the property, I have kept the estimate at the lower end. Let’s just say that it may be around a million dollars in value.

3. Investments

Let’s also assume that he investments in various assets such as stocks, cryptocurrency, precious metals etc. (the usual stuff). There’s not much information about this but let’s put another half a million into this category.

These assets put together may be worth $10 million.

Why do I hear cash registers every time I watch a Shmee150 video? He’s living the dream, that’s for sure.

Shmee150’s Liabilities

While he does make a lot of money, there ought to be significant expenses that come with this kind of lifestyle.

1. Purchasing Cars

The biggest liability for Shmee may be the loans he’s taken on to buy his cars. He’s admitted in his videos that he has financed some of his cars. These would require monthly payments towards the loan for each of them.

2. Car Storage

His car collection, the Shmeemobiles, also needs to be housed in a massive garage. Shmee has shared in several of his videos that his house in Central London doesn’t have a garage. He needs to lease or rent garage space to keep his cars safe and secure. Since the space required to accommodate ten cars is significant, this cost could add up to a fairly big number.

3. Car Maintenance

Lastly, a major liability is the amount of money that needs to be spent on maintaining and upkeep of these cars. It includes the money spent on fuel as well as regular servicing. Shmee has also shared in some videos incidents of his cars getting scraped or damaged. With supercars, the costs of these repairs or replacement of parts can be outrageous. Far more than it would for me and my lowly 2012 Mustang GT. Ha!

As per local laws, he would also need to ensure that his cars are insured. For high-end cars such as his, insurance prices can be high. All of these liabilities put together may cost $1-$2 million annually.

Based on the above data, I estimate Shmee150’s net worth to be approximately $15 million

As I noted several times already, my estimates for Shmee’s income and expenses are just that: estimates! Thankfully, he is very open and transparent in his videos, and you watch enough of them, you’ll understand how easy it is to piece together a net worth estimate for him as I did here.

Finally, I will say that coming up with an estimate of $15 million for Shmee150 wasn’t all that surprising. It’s about what I expected.

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