Why Salomondrin’s net worth is the highest of all automotive YouTubers

Alejandro Salomon is better known as Salomondrin. He’s a Mexican-American entrepreneur whose biggest claim to fame is his YouTube channel where he shares videos about cars and real estate. While this may not seem like a lucrative venture to anyone who isn’t familiar with the automotive YouTube scene, I’m estimating Salomondrin’s net worth to be roughly $25 million.

The Step-By-Step Process of How I Calculated Salomondrin’s Net Worth

It is difficult to get accurate net worth estimates or information surrounding the assets and debts of someone like Salomondrin. Coming up with Salomondrin’s net worth involved some investigation and mathematics (which I admittedly suck pretty hard at). Specifically, I looked at his income sources, his assets, and where he spends his money to come up with my estimate.

Salomondrin’s Annual Income

According to my calculations, Salomondrin likely earns up to $125,000 a month from all of his income streams. The most significant income comes from his social media accounts.

Income source 1: YouTube and Instagram

Salomondrin became famous due to his YouTube videos reviewing his personal car collection, talking about cars he wants or those that are coming onto the market, and giving house tours of his own property or other high-dollar properties.

He’s built a following of millions on YouTube alone. On Instagram, he has almost three million followers. I estimate he makes about $20,000 a month from both ad revenue and sponsored content.

Income source 2: Salomon Investment Partners

Salomon Investment Partners invests in technology, real estate, and other various areas to produce income. While it’s hard to tell how much of his monthly income comes from this source, it is likely similar to what he makes from social media.

One nice thing about Alejandro is that he’s open and genuine – he’s never afraid to tell it like it is!

On a side note, the way that Salomondrin invests is both ridiculously smart and impressive. It’s the reason why his net worth estimate is the highest I’ve ever given for an automotive influencer.

Income source 3: Helios Productions

Salomondrin is a partner in Helios Productions. Under this company, he’s produced many movies and TV shows, including:

  • Secrets of My Stepdaughter
  • Bangin’ Gears
  • Pretty Little Dead Girl
  • Ferrari’s Big 5
  • Hyper 5
  • Pocket Listing
  • Reaper
  • Raised by Wolves
  • Zoe Gone
  • Marital Science
  • Slightly Single in L.A.
  • A Mother’s Rage
  • Triple Dog
  • Godspeed
  • Key Lime Pie
  • Barry’s Last Chance
  • Rocky: The Final Battle

Along with the fourth income source, the money he makes from Helios Productions helps to make up the remaining amount for the $125,000 estimated monthly total.

Income Source 4: Creative Projects

According to IMDB, Salomondrin has done work as an actor, screenwriter, and director. His acting credits include:

  • Pocket Listing
  • Martial Science
  • Slightly Single in L.A.
  • Key Lime Lie
  • Tormenta’s Ear
  • One Day Like Rain
  • Rocky: The Final Battle
  • Training Wheels
  • Betrayed

He’s worked as a screenwriter on the following endeavors:

  • Let’s Talk About Cars Yo!
  • Bangin’ Gears
  • Ferrari’s Big 5
  • Hyper 5
  • Martial Science
  • A Mother’s Rage
  • Rocky: The Final Battle

Finally, his directing credits include:

  • Martial Science
  • Rocky: The Final Battle

Because the creative field is unpredictable, I had to take that into account. He isn’t likely doing these creative endeavors all the time (or even every year).

In addition, any residual income may fluctuate depending on what has has going on at any given time. This is the reason why I’m estimating that he makes up to $125,000 a month (as opposed to giving an exact figure). It is most likely not steady earnings, so the estimate is more like an average.

Salomondrin’s Most Significant Assets

Salomondrin is not shy about sharing his personal assets with the world through his videos. In fact, that is how we know the most about him. He likes showing off the many things that his high net worth have bought him.

Major asset 1: Car Collection

Salomondrin has over 100 luxury and sports cars in his personal collection. He did do a purge of his sports cars in 2019, so it is not completely clear if he has any sports cars remaining. However, we do know many of the vehicles have values of $500 million or more, making this collection a huge bulk of his net worth.

As far as I can tell, his car collection has the highest value of all other automotive YouTubers.

Major asset 2: Real Estate

Salomondrin also has a love of real estate that rivals his love of beautiful cars. He and his wife bought a home in Hidden Hills, California, where home prices average in the multi-millions. The home was 8,000 square feet with a guest house and garage that held five vehicles. The property classification was a French estate.

Salomondrin in garage
Salomondrin’s high net worth was built around more than just cars. His growing real estate portfolio is impressive!

In 2021, Salomondrin and his wife decided to leave California, but it is unclear if they sold their home there. We do know they bought a new house in Austin, Texas, where real estate median prices are around $500,000. They are renovating the new home to add features that include an indoor sauna and outdoor pool area.

Major asset 3: Social Media Accounts

While his social media accounts are an income source, they also qualify as an asset. Salomondrin owns the rights to the YouTube channel and all videos he posts. He also owns everything he posts on Instagram. While it is tricky to put a value on intellectual property, these are valuable assets because they help him to earn a steady and lucrative income.

Salomondrin’s Liabilities

To round out the whole picture of Salomondrin’s net worth, I had to look at how he spends his money. There are certain assumptions we can make about daily living expenses, but there are also some larger areas in which Salomondrin seems to spend a significant amount on a regular basis.

Liability 1: Cars

It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who follows Salomondrin that he spends a decent amount of money on vehicles to add to his collection. Since many of these cars cost $500 million (or around that price point), it is easy to say he probably spends at least $1 million a year, if not more, acquiring new vehicles for his collection.

Of course, since his collection is also an asset, there is limited liability in these expenditures.

Liability 2: Watches

Salomondrin also has one heck of a nice a watch collection. While it is not as much of an expense as his cars, he is still spending out a significant amount of money to acquire new pieces. He has some videos on the collection and talks about it in interviews, but it is unclear exactly how much he might spend on this every year. I’m assuming it’s a significant amount though.

Liability 3: Real Estate

The final major thing he spends his money on is real estate investments. While he does some of them under his company, Salomon Investment Partners, I had to include the personal real estate he’s bought—most notably his two homes.

The one in California was likely the most expensive. California home prices, especially in the Hidden Hills area, are known for being very high. Austin, Texas, is also a growing area where average home prices are often in the millions. Salomondrin probably has quite a bit of money wrapped up in his homes alone.

Based on the above data, I estimate the net worth of Salomondrin to be $25 million

Looking at the fact that he probably earns $1.5 million a year and that his liabilities are also creating income and providing him with valuable assets, he probably doesn’t lose a lot of money each year.

The reason Salomondrin has been able to become a multi-millionaire is through careful money management..

He invests his money at every level and ensures that when he purchases something or invests in something that it will also become an asset. It is a smart approach to financial success and one that works well for many people in the same tax bracket as him.

There is no real way to know Salomondrin’s net worth down to the penny. He’s a private individual with privacy rights, so every detail of his finances is not public. I can only make assumptions and estimates, but I feel this is an accurate net worth statement.

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