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Rob Ferretti’s net worth: it’s complicated

Did you happen to check out the article I wrote a while back about superspeedersrob and how interesting the guy behind it (Rob Ferretti) is? I’d highly recommend skimming through that article before digging too deep into this one, as it’s really hard to appreciate Rob Ferretti’s net worth without knowing who he is and why he’s so dang interesting.

  • If you don’t feel like reading this entire article, I calculate the net worth of Rob Ferretti to be $1,250,000. Why that low? Well, I have reason to believe that he’s in debt up to his eyeballs. Anyway, I do recommend reading this entire thing since there was quite a lot of analysis involved to reach that number.

rob ferretti

Before I begin to break down the numbers, I think it’s important to start with a disclaimer: Rob is an incredibly “strategic” guy (and I mean that in the kindest way possible).

He’s very careful about the things he discusses in his YouTube videos, and he’s the king of leaving out important details to make him look as decent and honest as possible. No, I don’t think he’s a crook or anything, but he’s a hardcore businessman who isn’t shy about voicing his opinion and calling people out when he feels it’s needed.

Why do I feel it’s important to mention this? Well, Rob Ferretti’s sly way of telling stories (and leaving out important facts) makes it difficult to calculate his net worth with pinpoint accuracy. For the record, calculating the net worth of other automotive YouTubers.

All I can do is go by the things he’s telling us in his videos, and I have a feeling he ain’t telling us everything. Just sayin’. With that being said, let’s dive straight into the numbers:

Calculating the net worth of Rob Ferretti begins with analyzing his annual income

When it comes to generating income, I’m highly envious of Rob. Yeah, he may be a bit slimy around the edges but I’ve got a ton of respect for the businesses that he has built over the years. I won’t get into all of those business ventures in this post. I’m only going to focus on his current income-generating products (the stuff that defines Rob Ferretti’s net worth today):

$350,000: YouTube ad revenue (Adsense)

According to Socialblade, Rob is currently getting approximately 90,000 views a day across his entire channel. As I’ve mentioned before in some of my other net worth calculations, guessing how much a YouTube channel earns in ad revenue alone is always difficult – especially since it varies from niche to niche.

For the sake of consistency, I’m going with the $1000 per million views calculation as I’ve done before. The superspeedersrob YouTube channel isn’t that large compared to others, but he’s pulling in at least $30,000 a month alone in ad revenue.

$100,000: sponsored content

If there’s one thing we all know and love about Rob, it’s that he’s a hustler. He’ll seemingly do anything for a buck (not that there’s anything wrong with that), and it’s no surprise that he does a lot of paid sponsorships (advertisements) in his videos.

With a channel his size, and the frequency of sponsored content he creates, I’m guessing it’s at least equal to what he earns in ad revenue. Heck – I’m also of the opinion that sponsored content could be the most significant part of Rob Ferretti’s net worth if more companies were willing to work with him. He’s got no shame in promoting anything in his content!

$200,000: exotic car rental business

As you read my reasoning for why I think he’s pulling in $200,000 in annual profit from his exotic car rental business, it’s best to imagine me holding my hands up in total confusion as I sit here in front of my computer typing this out. The fact of the matter is Rob never clearly explained how he was “fired” from his original rental car business (Gotham Dream Cars).

He has vaguely explained that he’s still working and/or doing business with Gotham, but…none of his explanations have ever made any sense. He’s hiding a lot of info from us. Anyway, for the sake of argument, let’s assume his “rental car business” (whatever that may be) is his most profitable project.

It’s what he spends 90% of his time on, so it’s safe to assume it’s the biggest portion of this net worth calculation.

$25,000: Adventure Drives profit

Ok. This is the part in the Rob Ferretti net worth calculation where things get foggy. Adventure Drives is one of Rob’s biggest projects at the moment, and it’s impossible for me to calculate with any sort of accuracy the amount of profit that he’s earning from this business venture. However, I think I can get a “ballpark” estimate based on what I see as an outsider.

First, it looks like an incredibly expensive operation (lots of expensive cars, lots of employees, and high travel / logistics costs). The cost to participate (as a customer) is high though (anywhere from $2000 to $12,500), so there is some profit being made. Probably not a lot, but some. Knowing Rob, he wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t profitable.

$10,000: superspeedersrob merchandise sales

Again, I’m pulling numbers out of my rear end for this estimate since it’s impossible for anyone (except for Rob and his team) to know what the actual sales numbers are for his t-shirts and DVDs. If anything, Rob is unique in that his “superspeedersrob” DVD series is still as in-demand of a product today as it was back in the early 2000’s when it was his full time job.

People are always asking him for access to these videos in the content section of his YouTube channel, so that leads me to believe he’s still selling this content and it’s a notable part of the Rob Feretti net worth calculation.

Now let’s have a look at Rob’s annual expenses:

Unlike all the other automotive YouTubers I’ve done net worth calculations for, Rob has one of the highest annual expenses. By far. This isn’t surprising considering all the businesses he’s involved in, and (as you’ll see soon) it really eats away at his total net worth. Here we go:

$70,000: Adventure Drive expenses

Now, just to be absolutely clear, I have no clue what the expenses are for a single Adventure Drives trip. However, it’s not difficult to see what goes into each one. There are the logistics of providing the cars for customers (some are his, some he rents from other agencies).

There is the cost of employees. And what about accommodations for guests? None of this can be cheap – especially since he mentioned in a recent video that his overall expense for car rentals (for the Euro trip) was $20,000. Considering that other trips aren’t as costly to operate, $70,000 in expenses for the year seems reasonable.

$60,000: rent for his warehouse / garage

Of all the expenses I’m discussing in this article, monthly rent for the garage lease is easily the most important. It’s not the biggest expense negatively affecting Rob Ferretti’s net worth though (as most might presume it to be). His employees take the biggest chunk out of that (which I’ll discuss in a moment), even though the garage / warehouse is the key to his overall business.

$400,000: employees

Now we’re getting serious. Since Rob is running a full-fledged business complete with employees and all, this is easily his biggest expense. I should note that it’s difficult to gauge how many employees he has at any given time (I assume it varies with the season), but $400,000 is a nice round number that seems right for the size of his business.

$50,000: paying for that huge home of his

Would it be foolish to calculate Rob Ferretti’s net worth without considering personal expenses? I think so – especially since he built a house in New Jersey that’s nothing short of stunning (well, stunning for the state of New Jersey that is).

Although Rob never gave an accurate estimate as to what it cost to build, we know that it can’t be cheap. Why? Well, it’s huge. And it’s not far from New York City.

Anyway, I’m assuming that he had some equity built up in his previous home to help pay for this, but $50,000 annually seems right considering things like property taxes, maintenance, and mortgage payments.

$10,000: the cost to run the superspeedersrob merchandise business

Even though I estimated his profits from this business to be roughly $10,000 annually, it’s important to note that there are expenses involved to keep it running. Things like the cost to produce t-shirts and DVDs – as well as paying the employee(s) to run that business for him.

This isn’t a significant portion of the Rob Feretti net worth calculation, but it puts enough of a dent in the bottom line to make it notable.

$20,000: legal fees

If there’s one thing we all know (and love) about Rob Ferretti, it’s that he always seems to be suing someone. Whether he’s trying to get money from customers who never paid, or he feels that he was wrongly charged for a product or service that didn’t deliver – there’s always some sort of legal drama in his life.

Based on how often he mentions the word “lawsuit” in his videos, I’m guessing he’s got a lawyer (or lawyers) on retainer who get $20,000 out of him every year. At least.

rob ferretti talk
Rob doing what he does best: telling us all amazing stories (which usually involves the word “lawsuit”).

As you can see, Rob’s list of annual expense is lengthy, and the crazy thing is that there’s probably a lot of other stuff that we don’t know about. He’s very careful about what he discusses (and reveals) in his videos, and as I mentioned in the “all about superspeedersrob” article I wrote several months ago, it’s likely that he’s not giving us the full story.

Still, for the sake of calculating Rob Ferretti’s net worth, I do feel confident that I’ve got all the major stuff covered. Let’s move on to his assets.

What kind of asset portfolio does Rob Feretti have?

Again, compared to other automotive YouTubers I’ve already calculated the net worth of, Rob is a little different. He’s older than most of those guys, and he’s more of a traditional businessman. He has multiple sources of income, and he’s not relying entirely on YouTube to earn a living. Smart man. Anyway, as best I can tell, here is a look at Rob’s asset portfolio:

$500,000: home equity

Basically, there’s no way he could have built the house he just built without some sort of equity from previous home(s). That’s my opinion anyway.

We do know that Rob had multiple homes as recent as last year, as was revealed when letting Jimbo stay in one of them rent free in exchange for doing video editing work for him. A half million dollars of equity is my best guess given his age, the kind of home he’s in now, and his history of home ownership.

$500,000: business equity

Rob Ferretti’s net worth is extremely difficult to calculate thanks to how vague he is about his main business (the exotic rental car thing). At one point he was the co CEO of Gotham Dream Cars. He was booted from that, and (from what I can tell) is now working for them on a contract basis of some sort. I don’t quite understand the relationship, but that doesn’t matter.

What does matter is that he’s running an exotic rental car business, and based on it’s size (number of cars and employees), he’s doing well. I’d imagine that he’s up to his eyeballs in debt as well, but it’s not illogical to think that he could cash out for at least a half million dollars if he needed to.

$0: retirement and savings

Well, just to be fair, I’m sure that Rob has a some money set aside in savings. At least he better have given his age. Anyway, I’m going with the assumption that Rob’s business is his retirement plan. He doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who would ever retire anyway, but if he ever does decide to call it quits, it’s reasonable to think that he could sell off the equity he has in his businesses and live happily ever after.

Based on the above data, I calculate Rob Ferretti’s net worth to be: $1,250,000

The Ferretti empire is vast and incredibly complex – he’s so deeply entrenched into some fairly big businesses that he’s got nearly just as much money going out as he does coming in. And because of how much debt he is carrying, I can’t say that I’m surprised that Rob’s net worth isn’t quite as high as other big automotive influencers.

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