One full year in my 2012 5.0 Mustang GT!

mustang gt white 5.0

It’s hard to believe that it’s been one full year since I purchased my white 2012 Ford Mustang GT from Carmax here in San Diego, and I’m just as happy about this car now as I was the day I bought it. It still puts a huge smile on my face whenever I smash the throttle, and more importantly, it’s large size doesn’t really bother me all that much anymore. Yeah, it would be nice if it were a bit (ok, a LOT) smaller, but I’ve come to realize that the size of this Mustang is what gives it it’s character.

I decided to shoot a quick video summary of my time with this car so far, and you can check that out here:

Did you notice that perma-grin on my face for nearly the entire length of this video? Yeah, well, that pretty much sums up how I feel about this car at the moment. It’s just so much freaking fun in a straight line, and the sounds that it makes is intoxicating. That 5.0 Coyote V8 is a beast of an engine – and after a full year of driving this thing I can still confidently say that it’s one of the best automotive engines I’ve ever experienced. It loves to rev, and what makes that even better is the fact that it pulls all the way through the power band. From 1000 all the way up to redline, this Mustang pulls hard.

white 2012 Ford Mustang GT Premium
Pics of my white 2012 Ford Mustang GT Premium

Here are some specific bits of data regarding my ownership experience over the course of one year:

  • I’ve put exactly 3000 miles on it (give or take 50), which I fully admit is not enough for a fun car like this. The problem is that this is my second car, and I don’t drive all that much to begin with, so I haven’t had as much seat time as I would have liked. I need to drive this car more!
  • It’s still 100% stock (besides the 18” Sparco Pro Corsa wheels, that is). Prior to getting this Mustang, I thought for sure I’d put an exhaust on it. But you know what? It sounds amazing in completely stock form and I’m in no hurry to fix what isn’t broken.
  • Average MPG over the course of the year has been 15.2. Not bad for a car like this that does 99% city driving – with a lot of full-throttle pulls from stoplights.
  • Total maintenance costs have totaled $260. That’s it. It’s been completely trouble-free, and that $260 was the cost for an oil change and a plethora of filter and fluid changes.
  • The transmission still sucks. More specifically, it’s 3rd gear that sucks – it’s really difficult to engage at full throttle.

So yeah – I couldn’t be happier with this Mustang GT, and I’m debating whether or not to declare it the best car I’ve ever owned. That title is currently held by the 2004 Nissan 350z I used to own, but this mustang is creeping up the leaderboard fast.

In terms of what’s next for this car, well…I’m not really sure yet. I talked about that a little bit last month, and I haven’t made any decisions based on what I’ve already discussed in that video. But that’s OK – I’m in no rush to replace this thing and I’ll just enjoy driving this thing any chance I get. 3000 miles in a year is indeed pathetic though. This Mustang needs to be driven!

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