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How the heck did Magnus Walker’s net worth get so high?

Magnus Walker is a UK-born fashion designer and car enthusiast. Best known for his film Urban Outlaw and his impressive car collection, he’s a well-regarded figure in the automotive scene. But how much exactly is Magnus Walker worth? That’s what I set out to discover.

According to my estimates, Magnus Walker has a net worth of about $26.1 million:

  • $7.5 million from his clothing line
  • $37.3k from his book
  • $1.9k from his YouTube channel
  • An unspecified amount from his Instagram and merchandise (but it’s probably a lot)
  • He has 25 Porsche 911s worth around $5.5 million (probably more)
  • He has 15-20 watches worth about $90k
  • His home is worth $13.2 million

This is, of course, an incredible amount of money. Let me explain exactly how I reached this conclusion…

The Step-by-Step Process of How I Calculated Magnus Walker’s Net Worth

Net worth is all about totaling the cost of every monetary investment owned by an individual. This means everything from clothing and accessories to cars and real estate count. It also includes the money that comes from a person’s profession and business ventures. Finally, you need to take into account how they spend their money.

Magnus Walker
If he wasn’t standing next to this vintage Jag, would you assume that he was worth so much just by looking at him?

I’ve broken Magnus’s net worth into three main categories for easy organization. Those categories are:

  1. Annual income
  2. Significant assets
  3. Liabilities

Annual Income Sources:

1. Clothing brand

Magnus’s main source of income for a long time was his designer clothing brand, Serious Clothing. Although the company is now sold to a different owner, the sale of that business still factors into Walker’s overall wealth. The figures aren’t public, but many sources estimate it to be worth around $7.5 million.

2. His Book

Another source of income would be his book, Urban Outlaw: Dirt Don’t Slow You Down. It hit the New York Times Best Seller List in 2018 after its release, and though publishers don’t typically release how much money a book raised for most titles, I was able to put down some educated estimates:

If the average best seller is around 10k copies in its first year, he earned about $22k. If it continues to sell in the middle of the average rate per year, about 600 copies, he makes another $1.32k per year. The book has been out since 2017, so that’s $5.28k, bringing his total book earnings to $37.3k.

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3. Social Media

Then, of course, there are his social media accounts. As of this writing, Magnus’s YouTube channel has 64k subscribers and has a total of 3.2 million views.

According to Social Blade, his average views per month is 74.5k. Using their calculator, corroborated by Influencer Marketing Hub, and going by the absolute average amount he could be making, I estimate that Magnus Walker is making about $1.9k per year on ad revenue alone.

He also has a popular Instagram account, with roughly 740k followers, but I haven’t included it in the total. I mention it because it’s very common for influencers to earn sponsorships on their Instagram accounts, but Magnus’s average engagement is about 0.91%, which is remarkably low.

I’ve also been unable to find any sponsored posts on his page to estimate from, although I’m sure he gets a few of them.

4. Merchandise Sales

Finally, Magnus has sold merchandise in the past for his social media accounts and various brand deals, but I’ve been unable to find any sales data on that (it seems to tie into his clothing brand). I’m not going to include an exact number in the estimation, but I will say that this means his worth is probably significantly more than I can calculate.

Other minor sources of income are completely possible, but these are the ones that are the most significant and interesting to point out in Walker’s revenue stream.

Magnus Walker AMG Silber Sau
Just an ordinary day for Magnus I guess. By the way, if you haven’t seen the video of him driving the AMG Silber Sau, I highly recommend checking it out.

Significant Assets:

1. His Car Collection

Of course, Magnus Walker’s most significant financial assets are his beautiful cars. His collection consists of 25 Porsche 911s of various models, all of which he says he has no plans on selling. Because a Porsche 911 can cost anywhere from $100k to $500k, his collection is worth between $2.5 million and $5.5 million.

This becomes $7.5 million because of the modifications to his cars, which have increased their value as much as his constant maintenance and upkeep of them has. For the sake of my calculation, I went with $5.5 million as a conservative estimate to add to Magnus’s net worth.

2. Real Estate

His next biggest asset is his home. Magnus owns a 26,000 sq. ft. house in Los Angeles, which is a converted industrial property. I have based the cost of his home on average prices in the area (about $507 per square foot); his home would be worth about $13.182 million.

4. The Watch Collection

Another somewhat surprising asset Magnus invests in is wristwatches. He shared a picture of his collection on his Instagram account, which consisted of 18 different watches with various straps, some of which looked to be from luxury brands like Seiko and Omega.

Assuming that these are all the watches he owns, and most of these watches are at least mid-range for a luxury watch, which can range from $500 to more than $10k, I’ve estimated that his collection is worth around $90k.

Magnus Walker’s Liabilities (How He Spends His Money)

1. Car Insurance

The most significant liability I can see Magnus Walker having, given that he’s not one for getting into trouble with the law or spending his money on frivolous things, is the insurance costs for his collection.

According to some sources, the average cost for insuring a Porsche 911 is roughly $173 per month or $2.08k per year. This is surprisingly affordable until you remember that he has 25 cars, meaning he’s paying $52k per year in insurance costs.

2. Home Maintenance

Another would be the maintenance and upkeep of his home. As mentioned above, it’s a 26,000 sq. ft. home in Los Angeles, worth quite a lot of money. However, it would also cost quite a lot in upkeep and utilities if he pays the monthly average for utilities ($129) and has homeowner’s insurance for an average of $2.6k, then that brings his yearly expenses to $32,748.

3. Travel

He also spends a significant amount on travel. Walker recently spent quite a lot of time in the Dominican Republic and has plans to spend more time in South America in the coming years.

If he spends a month there, he can expect to spend an average amount of $10k (assuming he’s traveling relatively comfortably), not including trips to any other locations.

It would be difficult to determine the cost of any other trips without more information. Still, considering that Magnus brings his car with him when he travels, it’s probably not an insignificant amount.

How does the net worth of Magnus Walker compare to other automotive influencers?

Of all the net worth calculations I’ve done so far, Magnus is near the top. There are only a handful of other individuals who come close:

In summary, the way that Magnus Walker earns money for his car collection is pretty much the polar opposite of how many others do it. Magnus seems calm and careful in his approach to wealth and money, whereas the JR Garage boys seem to get involved in every “get rich quick” scheme they can find.

Finally, I need to say this: not only is Magnus one of the most successful automotive influencers out there, he’s one heck of a cool guy. I didn’t even know who he was when I watched his first video, but it was an instant “subscribe” for me. He’s definitely one of the most unique individuals in my YouTube subscription feed.

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