Headrest adjustment in the 2012 Mustang GT Premium

Headrest adjustment in the 2012 Mustang GT Premium

As you know, I’ve recently been debating whether or not the 2012 Mustang GT is the right car for me. It puts a smile on my face each and every time I drive it, but there is a growing list of things I don’t like about it and some of them are kind of a big deal (details coming later). However, I am happy to report that one of the things that has been bugging the the most has been resolved! It was such an easy fix, and I can’t help but to share the solution with others who may be experiencing the same frustration as I was.

The problem

Those of you who drive 2010-2014 Mustang GT’s with the premium package know all too well about the huge headrests perched upon these seats. I’m all for safety and I appreciate why they made those headrests so big – but I was irritated from the very first drive as to how far forward they were angled, which prevented me from holding my head up completely straight.

mustang headrest adjustment
Here you can see the default position of the headrest, which is too far forward.

For months I cursed and complained, experimenting with different seating positions to try and figure out a way to make those headrests feel not so intrusive. Leaning the seat way back didn’t help (the resulting driving position was too awkward), and lifting the headrest up as far as it would go wasn’t the way to go either.

The solution

Patience running thin, I summoned the power of Google to find a solution to this madness. It turns out that the angle of the headrest is indeed adjustable, and it took just seconds to fix a problem I’ve been fighting with for months.

Simply grab the top of the headrest, pull it all the way forward, and let go. That’s it! The headrest will snap back to the farthest back (most upright and comfortable) position, and you can make minor adjustments to the angle by pulling it forward just a little bit at a time. If you accidentally position it a bit too far forward, no problem – simply pull it all the way forward again and restart the process.

mustang headrest adjustment
Here you can see the difference after the adjustment. The passenger seat headrest is still angled forward, but the driver’s side has been angled back.

Here’s a video showing how that works:


Sounds great and easy, right? Well, there’s a small catch. Those of you with cars built before September 2011 are out of luck, as Ford didn’t add this feature until after that date.

If you do own one of those cars with an earlier build date, the good news is that these adjustable headrests are interchangeable with the non-adjustable units. So if you can find a set, the swap is simple and easy.


On one hand, I’m a bit disappointed in Ford for making such an important adjustment so difficult to discover. There are no levers or buttons to push, which led me to the immediate assumption that the headrests weren’t adjustable at all and I was stuck with a horribly uncomfortable driving position.

On the other hand, fixing what was one of my biggest gripes about the car has suddenly made me feel better about driving this thing, and now I’m starting to wonder if there are easy fixes for some of my other big gripes…

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