How to calculate Doug Demuro’s net worth

Of all the great automotive YouTuber’s out there at the moment, Doug Demuro is easily one of the most interesting to me. Not only because he produces such amazing content, but because of how massively successful he has become doing simple car reviews. With no fancy editing techniques, catchy music, or even a wardrobe fitting of a man his age, he’s rocketed to the top and is arguably the best automotive reviewer on YouTube at the time of this writing.

Not only is his content incredibly engaging, the entrepreneur in me can’t help but to wonder how much money Doug makes every month. It’s got to be a lot considering that every single one of his videos gets at least 1 million views, which in the world of car reviews, is a spectacular feat. Not only that, he gets paid by AutoTrader to write content for their Oversteer blog on a fairly regular basis. As a blogger myself, I do know that high profile websites such as AutoTrader do pay quite well for really good content.

The question is: what is Doug Demuro’s net worth?

The general rule of thumb when it comes to YouTube and ad revenue is that 1000 views equals one US dollar to the creator. Now, I run several YouTube channels at the moment (3 of which are monetized) and I know that different genres content have different levels of ad rates. For example, one of my other channels is about a very specific travel topic which earns slightly more revenue than I used to earn on the DriveAndReview YouTube channel (which is no longer monetized). And one of my other channels, which is about entrepreneurship, earns double that of my travel channel with the same amount of views.

That being said, the one dollar per 1000 views rule of thumb is kind of sort of correct. Kind of, but not really. It’s complicated. But for the sake of argument, let’s just go with it as we try to calculate Doug Demuro’s net worth.

Calculating the value of his YouTube channel

Having a look at the view count for all of Doug’s videos of the last six months (July 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018) reveals that the average number of years per video is 1.42 million views. As I said earlier, that’s just insane. Guys like TJ Hunt and streetspeed 717 can only dream of view counts like that, and I am simply astounded that Doug can do it while just standing in front of a car and talking about it. But that’s a topic for another post…

Doug demuro car reviews

Reviewing exotic cars for a living has got to be pretty much every car nut’s fantasy. Doug is living the dream!

1,420,000 divided by 1000 is 1400. And if we can all agree that YouTube ad revenue pays one dollar per 1000 views (on average), that equals $1400 per video. Again, not too shabby for a guy who stands in front of cars and talks about them.

Digging a little bit deeper, Social Blade reveals that Doug’s videos produce nearly 938,834 views per day. Applying the same math that we used above, that comes out to (roughly) $1000 a day in ad revenue. Are you feeling stupid for working a full-time job that you hate? Doug is definitely living the dream, that’s for dang sure.

So what can we make of all this? It’s obvious that the Doug Demuro YouTube channel is extremely valuable, and it’s clearly the bulk of his monthly income. There’s no real way to put an exact value on a YouTube channel, but for the sake of argument (and based on the number of views gets on a daily basis) he could easily sell it four $2 million out right. Of course the channel is useless without him, but if a company simply wants to buy his content, that’s what they’re going to have to pay. At least.

How much does he get paid to write for AutoTrader?

Full disclosure here: I’m going to be pulling numbers completely out of my butt for this section, because the only people that know how much Doug Demuro is getting paid to write for AutoTrader is Doug Demuro and AutoTrader. OK, his wife surely knows as well, but the point is that the only way to calculate this is going to be based on what I know about the blogging industry as a whole.

I’m also going to make the assumption that Doug is a paid contractor and not a full-time employee. It’s safe to assume that he gets paid per article, which for someone as high profile as he is, it’s usually the best way to go from a financial standpoint. The automotive industry is huge, and AutoTrader is a very big name, so I’m willing to bet that Doug is doing fairly well writing blog posts for them.

Doug demuro Ferrari review

Just another day for Doug Demuro. I wonder if Ferrari’s even excite the guy anymore?

As an active blogger and writer myself, I’ve been paid $500 for a 3000 word article in the past. It was for a very large and well-known website, so obviously it was an amount higher than the average. But with AutoTrader being the size that is, it makes sense to assume that they’re paying Doug a higher than average rate. Especially for the amount of viewership he gets on YouTube, and the way his diehard fans follow him around the Internet wherever he goes.

If a lowly nobody like me can get paid $500 for one article, it’s not so far out of the ordinary for someone as high profile as Doug Demuro to get paid a lot more than that.

However, Doug’s posts on AutoTrader have a relatively small word count (looks to be 500-1000 words on average), so it’s unlikely he’s getting paid more than a couple hundred dollars per post. Again, as I said before, I have no idea what the agreement is between Doug and AutoTrader, but it’s likely he’s getting at least $200 per post. Those numbers are fairly average for a social media influencer with the kind of reach he has, so let’s go with that.

Because he is likely getting paid on a per-post basis, it’s hard to calculate it’s value into his total net worth. But looking at his post history, it appears that he’s been writing at least one article per day, which translates to about $6000 per month ($200 x 30). Not too shabby considering what he’s already earning on YouTube.

Calculating the value of Doug Demuro’s other assets

OK, we’ve already established that Doug is making a killing on YouTube – and that his AutoTrader side hustle is a nice source of income as well. What about other assets that we can use to calculate his net worth? This is admittedly a really fuzzy area, but he has revealed some things in the past which will make calculating his total net worth a little bit easier.

Real estate

Doug has been moving up and down the East Coast for as long as I can remember, and he has shown his homes at various times in videos in the past. Those who know Doug will know that he’s very modest guy (I mean, look at his wardrobe for crying out loud) – his homes were always simple but nice. And in really nice areas too. Considering that Doug is solidly in his mid-30s by now and that he’s been successful for so many years, it’s safe to assume that he’s been a home owner paying a mortgage for quite some time. He’s been building equity for a while no doubt.

To make things even more interesting, Doug and his wife moved to San Diego in late 2017. As a San Diegan myself, I know for well how expensive it is to live here. And considering that Doug mentioned that he still has a home on the East Coast (which can’t be cheap to maintain), it’s safe to assume that his real estate portfolio is valued at $500,000-$1,000,000. At least. Again, these numbers are assumptions just based on his age, the time that he’s been making good money, and what he has publicly revealed in the past.


OK, this is the big one. And it’s probably the easiest category too help calculate Doug Demuro’s net worth. Longtime followers of Doug’s content will know that one of the ways he became so popular was by purchasing fun cars, making some fun videos with them, and then selling them for roughly the same amount of money that he paid for it. He did this over and over for many years, and it was quality entertaining content.

The cars were always purchased in cash, and Doug made it a point to stick to used cars that had already depreciated and wouldn’t lose any more value during his ownership. The Range Rover, the Ferrari 348, the Viper – they were all were incredibly wise purchases that essentially cost Doug nothing while he owned them. He’s a smart guy!

Well, mostly. Making a conscious decision to purchase and daily drive British cars such as Range Rovers and Aston Martins requires a certain amount of deep-rooted sickness, which Doug certainly has. He is a diehard car guy through and through.

Anyway, calculating Doug Demuro‘s net worth as it pertains to cars is (as I said) easy. In late 2018, Doug purchased the most expensive car in his personal history: A 2005 Ford GT. Add a cost of over $400,000, Doug made it explicitly clear that it was one of the biggest and most scariest decisions of his entire life. But there you have. We know very clearly that he has over $400,000 invested in cars at the moment.

Of course he and his wife have daily drivers, and he also still owns the Range Rover (which he left on the East Coast), but for the sake of argument let’s just say that his total car portfolio at the moment is roughly $430,000.

Other assets

At the time of this writing, I’m not aware of any other income-producing activities that Doug has going on at the moment. He has written several books in the past which seem to be doing well on Amazon, but as a book writer myself, I know that books never generate a ton of money. Unless you are a big-time best-selling author of course, but for regular people it never really amounts to much. So it’s just not even include that in this calculation of Doug’s net worth.

Tallying it all up

As an automotive blogger who was never better than a C student in math while in school, calculating numbers that reach into the millions is something that gives me heartburn. However, using all of the data that I outlined above, it’s not all that difficult to calculate the total net worth of Doug and all of his assets.

Doug demuro worth millions

Does this look like a man worth millions? Ok, maybe it does. But how many millions exactly?

What does get a little bit sticky is trying to add in all of the monthly revenue that he’s earning well. This is mostly because there is a little bit of overlap there and I’m not really sure how to separate monthly income from hard assets. I’m just going to break out both his net worth and monthly revenue separately, and let you come up with a conclusion of your own:

YouTube channel value: $2,000,000
Real estate assets: $750,000
Cars: $430,000
Monthly income (estimated): $36,000

Doug Demuro’s total net worth: $3,180,000 (not including monthly income)

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Did you know that Doug is a best selling author?

Most people stumble across Doug via his YouTube channel. However, I became a fan of his because of the book that he wrote about his love affair with cars. This was before his channel got really big, but it was such an interesting read that I immediately felt compelled to find out more about him (via Google) once I finished the book. That’s when I found his YouTube channel, and…the rest is history.


If there’s anything to be learned about calculating the total net worth of Doug Demuro, it’s that there’s a lot to be said for pursuing your dreams. Long time fans of Doug will know that he quit a high-profile job at Porsche cars of North America in Atlanta so that he could follow his passion and write about cars. To any sane car guy or girl who has a dream to work the automotive industry, that probably seems asinine and downright crazy. But look where that led him to where he is today…

Doug’s net worth is a lot more than dollar signs and decimal points. It was his book called “Plays with Cars” (available on Amazon) that introduced me to this quirky and entertaining guy and inspired me to pursue my own passions in the automotive world. As a matter of fact, that’s how started way back in 2011. I stumbled across that little yellow book on Amazon one afternoon, read it over a span of 24 hours, and was instantly inspired to get off my butt and start a blog.

Of course Doug has achieved a level of success that very few automotive bloggers can ever dream of achieving, but the fact that he did it is incredibly inspiring and it shows what’s possible. Even if you don’t have a wardrobe fancy enough for video.

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