Cruising up the Pacific Coast Highway in San Diego

101 in San Diego

The car culture in San Diego is one of the best things I like about living here. The cars I see on the street every day continue to amaze me, and the roads we have available to us are some of the best I’ve ever driven. One such road is the Pacific Coast Highway (also known as the 101) that runs in parts from Pacific Beach here in SD all the way up to San Francisco.

Something that has become a Saturday afternoon tradition for my wife and I is to hop in the family truckster (also known as the Honda Fit) and cruise up the 101 at a leisurely pace from our home in La Jolla to Carlsbad and back. It’s a very relaxing drive, since it hugs the coast and weaves through laid back surf towns the the entire way. There’s a ton of beautiful scenery, little shops to explore, and plenty of places for my wife to get her coffee fix as we make the drive.

I put together a quick time-lapse video of the drive we did last weekend, and as you can see, this is one of the best driving roads in San Diego if you manage to avoid the summer traffic:

We live just outside of La Jolla, so in the video you can see that the drive takes us through Torrey Pines, Del Mar, Solana Beach, Encinitas, and Cardiff before we reach our turnaround point in downtown Carlsbad. It’s about 25 miles from UCSD to the Carlsbad sign, and takes about an hour or so depending on traffic.

It’s perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon in San Diego, in any kind of vehicle. Take it slow and enjoy the scenery!

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