Bloopers and outtakes from my automotive vlogs

car video bloopers

One of the good things about starting to shoot car videos is that I’ve learned a lot of things about myself that I never noticed before, and it allows me to practice correcting some of my most annoying habits. The biggest issue is that I’ve discovered how much I say “uhhhhh…” between sentences, even when I’m not struggling for words and I know exactly what I’m going to say next. It makes me sound a bit like a goofball, I know, so I’m working hard to correct that. Another issue is that I speak very softly. I never knew that! Editing my videos has been difficult because I find that I’m speaking too quietly more often than not and it’s hard to hear what I’m saying. And finally, I noticed that I don’t smile enough. That’s actually kind of baffling to me since I feel like I’m a really happy guy on the inside, but I can now see that it’s not coming through and I’m probably coming off as a grumpy old man to all of my YouTube subscribers. Not good.

Even though I’ve been shooting car videos for a little over two months now, I’ve amassed an incredible amount of blooper and outtake footage – probably even more than the final/production footage that I have. I’m still a bit uncomfortable in front of the camera, so a simple vlog ends up requiring about 30 minutes of filming to get 10-15 minutes worth of usable content. That’s a really pathetic ratio, but the good news is that it is improving with each video I make.

Anyway, a couple weeks ago I decided to assemble the outtake footage into my first ever “bloopers and outtakes” episode, and it was probably the most enjoyable video I’ve put together yet. It’s just about 5 minutes in length, but you should know that I could have easily made it an hour or longer! It was really difficult to decide what footage to use (and what should be thrown out, never to be seen by anyone), but I think I captured the essence of my difficulties during my first two months of creating automotive videos.

I definitely plan to create more of these blooper episodes as my stack of footage from shooting car videos grows larger, and knowing how much of a doofus I am in front of the camera, I’m guessing the next one won’t be too long from now…

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