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What are the BEST tires for a Honda Fit? There’s only one real choice…

I kind of hate to admit this, but my 2010 Honda Fit has probably been one of the best cars that I’ve ever owned. It’s extremely dependable, gets great gas mileage, it doesn’t ask anything of me other than gas. Well, I did have to replace the tires recently – but other than that it’s been perfect. Speaking of tires, I did a lot of research before buying a new set for this car and I am about to unload all of that information on you now. What are the best tires for a Honda Fit?

Without dragging it out too long and making you read the entire article to find to find the answer, I’m just gonna come right out and say it: the Bridgestone Ecopia is the best tire for a Honda Fit. No doubt about it.

All the reasons why I personally chose the Bridgestone Ecopia for my Honda Fit

Before going any further, I just need to say that the process of finding the right tires for my 2010 Fit was a long and arduous one. I spent about three weeks pouring over tons of research and data sorting through all the possibilities over on In the end, I found that the Ecopia EP422 Plus was the tire I was looking for.

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I’d recommend using Tire Rack for your own search, because my personal needs for Honda Fit tires may be different than yours. In particular, I needed a tire that:

  • Is long lasting
  • Has low rolling resistance (for better fuel economy)
  • Is dependable with a class leading warranty
  • Relatively cheap

It should be important to note that all season performance wasn’t very important to me, since I live in San Diego and it rains only but a few days a year here. We don’t have to worry about freezing temperatures, and the weather is always usually pretty awesome. That’s actually why I live here, but that’s a topic for another article…

Bridgestone Ecopia tires
The Bridgestone Ecopia is the perfect tire for my Honda Fit! If I’m not careful, I’m going to break my arm trying to pat myself on my back for making such a good decision…

Four reasons why the Bridgestone Ecopia beat out all the other choices

In a nutshell, in the two years that the tires have been on the car, the Ecopia’s have exceeded my expectations. This tire is a perfect match for my Honda Fit, and the best way to explain that is to go deeper into all the reasons why it’s a tire that I would definitely buy again.

1. Long life

I’ve put about 10,000 miles on these tires over the course of the past two years. I know, I don’t drive all that much, but I’m already noticing a few things:

  • These tires still look brand new
  • There is zero evidence of wearing, and I’m still not noticing any visible cracks or dry rotting
  • These tires have been standing up magnificently to the dry Southern California air, and I’ve got a strong subscription that these tires are going to last 60,000 miles (at least). As a matter of fact, I’ll probably sell the car before I have to replace the tires.
  • They are holding up a lot better than the more expensive tires that came on the Honda Civics that my friends drive. Be sure to check out my Honda Fit vs Civic comparison to read more about how different these two cars are when it comes to tire wear.

2. Low rolling resistance

Low rolling resistance translates to better fuel economy, and I’ve noticed about 2 to 3 miles per gallon better fuel economy compared to when when this car was on the factory-original Bridgestone’s.

perfect tires for Honda Fit
No, these tires wouldn’t be all that good for my 2012 Mustang GT, but…they are perfect for my Fit!

Right after the switch, I could immediately tell that the Ecopia’s were much firmer than the ones that they replaced. I’ll admit that I was kind of worried about overall ride quality at first, but over the course of 10,000 miles (in a wide variety of driving conditions), I don’t have any complaints. These Ecopia’s are just as good as the cheaper Bridgestone’s that came on the car from the factory.

3. Dependability

We have some pretty wild temperature swings here in San Diego on a daily basis. It’s not uncommon for winter time overnight temperatures to be in the 30s with daytime highs in the 70s!

This is usually a total nightmare for car guys like me who like to run a very specific air pressure in our tires. However, the Bridgestone Ecopia‘s seem to hold air quite well. I’ve survived two San Diego winters on these tires, and never once have I had to stop off at the local gas station to adjust the air pressure.

4. Cost effectiveness

The Bridgestone Ecopia’s may not be the cheapest tires for a Honda Fit, but so far I feel like they are an excellent value for my money. I ordered these tires directly from, which saved me a good chunk of money compared to having my local tire shop order them. If you can time it right and get a free shipping deal from Tire Rack, you’ll save even more.

Honda Fit tires
I wonder what my neighbors think of me as I’m starting next to my car admiring my tires? I’m sure it’s especially confusing since I even took the time to write an entire article about the 5 things I hate about the Fit. Don’t tell anyone, but…I actually love this car!

Also, the Ecopia is a very long-lasting tire. This means that you’re not going to have to replace them as often as you would compared to a lower-quality set of tires. See? Sometimes it’s worth paying a little more upfront in order to save more cash over the long run.

How good are the Ecopia’s in wet weather?

Pretty good actually. However, you have to remember that I live in a dry place where a steady stream of rain is a pretty big deal (enough to be the main topic on the local news).

Therefore, if you’re not comfortable taking my advice on how well these tires perform in the rain, I’d highly suggest reading the reviews of these tires over on Tire Rack. You’ll get tons of non-biased / real world reviews from people all over the globe who are running these tires on their own cars.

Bridgestone Ecopia tire tread
A close up of what my Ecopia’s look like after 10,000 miles or so. They’ve got a lot of life in them yet, and will continue to be safe whenever it rains here in Southern California again.

What other tires are worth considering for a Honda Fit?

Remember how I told you a few paragraphs back that I spent weeks pouring over all the possibilities? Well, the good news is that all of that research didn’t go to waste. I learned a lot about all the different kinds of tires available for the Honda Fit, and I was actually surprised to see such a wide variety.

Did you know that there are actually performance tires available for the Fit? I don’t know about you, but I’ve never considered the Fit to be high-performance vehicle. Am I missing out by not taking it to my local track just to see what she can do? Maybe not. But then again, that might be a fantastic idea for my YouTube channel

Below is a list of all the tires that I considered for my Honda Fit before I ultimately chose the Ecopia:

Some of the tires above do better in dry weather, and some do better in rain and snow. I personally chose the Ecopia due to it’s all-around performance and economy. That being said, I’m pretty sure that I would still run these tires if I lived in a place where it rained all the time.

What about snow tires? Are there any really good snow tires for a Honda Fit?

As I was doing the research, I discovered that there are some really good snow tire options for the Fit. It does snow here in Southern California (up in the mountains), so it’s not out of the realm of possibility that I’d need a set for my car one day.

Of course I’d have to justify the cost of the tires by how many times should actually be driving the snow, but it is reassuring knowing that there are some really great snow tires if I ever decide to ditch the city life and head for the hills.

After doing a bit of research over at, I’ve come up with a list of snow tire options for the Honda Fit that look like winners to me:

The bottom line when it comes to buying tires for a Honda Fit

More than anything, you’ve got to do your research. I put just as much research into buying tires for my Honda Fit as I did when I was trying to find the best tires for my Mustang. After all, tires are what connects your car to the road. If you don’t have a good connection, you’re taking a massive risk with your life – as well as everyone else’s.

tires on a Honda Fit
It’s a bummer that the original tires didn’t last very long (it’s one of the problems of the 2010 Fit), but I’m happy with my choice to replace them with Ecopia’s.

Take your time, do your research, and make sure you’re getting the right tire for your specific needs. is a fun place to poke around, and who knows? You just may just discover that you actually enjoy the process of buying tires for the first time in your life.

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