2017 Ford Escape Problems

The most common 2017 Ford Escape problems are shockingly mild

If you have questions about the most common 2017 Ford Escape problems (and it’s durability before deciding to buy), I’ve got good news: According to my research, the 2017 Ford Escape doesn’t have any significant troubles or recalls – at least compared to other model years.

Yes, there are a few engine and braking system problems that you need to be aware of before purchasing one of these things. But just like it is with any vehicle, a Ford Escape should remain reliable if you take good care of it.

Continue reading for a detailed look at the most common problems that 2017 Ford Escape owners have to deal with…

What problems do 2017 Ford Escapes have?

Overall, the 2017 Ford Escapes does not have as many issues as previous models did (my list of 2011 Ford Escape problems is gnarly). For what it’s worth, my list of 2015 Ford Escape problems were about as mild as what you’re about to read for the 2017 model. Most of what is reported happens to nearly any car after sustained use, like engine issues or braking issues.

Some owners report issues with the interior (like infotainment system failure). Don’t worry – these reports are not the majority.

These are the kinds of problems you are most likely to encounter with a 2017 Ford Escape:

A variety of engine problems

The main issue with the engine is the check engine light comes on prematurely, the coolant leaks into the cylinders, and the engine lacks power. Other problems noted regarding the engine include excessive noise and stalling. Basically, it’s all the usual stuff you’d expect from a mass-produced / reasonably-priced Ford.

Here’s a more detailed explanation of these problems:

  • Coolant leaking into the cylinders: Coolant leaks are a big problem! Not only does the leak have to be repaired, but the cylinders also have to be replaced or repaired. This procedure could cost you a lot of money.
  • Engine stalling at high speeds: This is a fairly common issue with the 2017 Escape. I specifically remember one report which said that the owner took their Escape to a mechanic, where they determined that one of the cylinders was not firing. Ford replaced the engine in this scenario free of charge.
  • Illuminated check engine light (often without a cause): This seems to be due to an issue with the internal computer (ECU). Once the mechanic resets the computer and clears the code, owners report having no problems with the engine light again (unless something is obviously wrong).
2017 Escape engine repair
What you can’t see in this picture is the confused look on the mechanics face once he realizes that there’s nothing left to fit on this 2017 Escape.

Issues with the braking system

The second most reported issue with the 2017 Escape is related to the braking system. Long story short, many owners report that their brakes begin squeaking (or become stiff prematurely). Others report power assist failure.

  • Many buyers of used 2017 Ford Escapes reported finding that the rotors were corroded.always recommend that buyers inspect or ask questions about the rotors before purchasing a used car to avoid paying for this repair yourself.
  • Others report that the master cylinder had needed replacing. According to the number of reports made on this issue, it is not a very common occurrence. It could become a severe problem though, so this is an issue to watch out for.

Interior accessories problems

Some owners report having issues with the infotainment system shorting out (specifically after a long period of using it). Others report needing a replacement for the backup camera. In most instances, drivers were able to have these issues fixed relatively quickly and easily.

Other interior issues include:

  • Reports of the door accessory buttons being too small
  • The seats being a bit uncomfortable (I mentioned this same problem in my 2018 Ford Escape review). This isn’t unique to the Escape though. It seems to be an issue with many mid-sized SUVs.
  • Complaints of the radio malfunctioning
  • Not only does the navigation system sometimes fail, it’s outdated and often has trouble finding the shortest route

Suspension (shocks and struts) issues

The main complaint about the suspension is that the shocks and struts didn’t seem to be tightened enough during assembly. Basically, it’s a manufacturing defect.

Some owners had to replace them because they failed completely within the first 12-15 months of use. These reports say that Ford replaced the shocks under warranty. Even Honda’s aren’t immune to suspension woes I guess…

Note that issues with the shocks do not seem to be extremely common, but it is worth noting that many people had these issues early on in the car’s lifespan.

Problems concerning structural integrity

Structural integrity issues are a common complaint among owners of a 2017 Ford Escape. The top reported issues include water leakage and rattling from plastic paneling on the car.

  • Water leakage seems to be a significant issue. Water leaks into the car through the sunroof, headlights getting moisture in them, and instances of water leaks through the windows due to poor weatherproofing.
  • The rattling issue seems to be from the plastic undercarriage splash guard being a bit loose. However, there are reports of a rattling and creaking noise in the dashboard area (something I discussed in my 2015 Ford Escape review). These noises remain largely undiagnosed. Many drivers comment that dealers say this rattling and creaking noise is common for this vehicle.

Though these body issues can be annoying, the reports do not indicate that they are not severe (and indicative of impending mechanical failure of some kind). Some owners report having the rattling fixed, but many time it often came back.

ford logo badge
So…what are you thinking so far? Do still want a 2017 Ford Escape after reading about all those problems?

Is the 2017 Ford Escape reliable?

For the most part, the 2017 Ford Escape is a reliable car. If you take care of it and perform routine maintenance, it should be relatively trouble-free.

Engine trouble and potential braking issues are a point of concern for any 2017 Ford Escape owner. However, based on reports, it’s not likely that you will experience these issues.

Generally speaking, part failure may randomly occur, but this is a very common vehicle that is relatively easy to work on. Parts for it are readily available in nearly any part of the country. 

In other words, if you are looking for a vehicle that will last you five years (at least), any 2017 Ford Escape in good condition should do the trick. I’d even recommend it over an SUV from Toyota (which are typically very reliable).

The bottom line is that the Escape will get you from point A to point B just fine, and it’s reliable enough to take on long road trips.

How long will a 2017 Ford Escape last?

The lifespan of a 2017 Ford Escape varies depending on how bad (or good) of a driver you are. For the most part, you can get a solid 10-12 years out of any late model Escape with routine maintenance and careful driving.

If you drive aggressively and put a lot of miles on it in a short amount of time, you can expect to get about 150,000 miles on a 2017 Escape before you can expect significant issues arise. Of course, these are just estimates based on my own observations.


Shockingly enough, the 2017 Ford Escape has only had one recall. This recall is in the electrical system visibility category. It was recalled in 2016, just after the 2017 Ford Escape hit the market.

The existing recall is for the power windows system. The faulty power window system allows the window to continue rolling up even if an obstruction (like a body part) is in the way. As you would expect, this fault is dangerous to passengers as it could crush a body part before the windows auto-reverse.

The NHTSA estimates about 17,000 cars manufactured between October 5, 2015, and May 12, 2016, may have this defect. Ford offered to fix this issue for customers free of charge, so if you are buying a model affected by this recall, ensure that the necessary repairs have been made.

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