2015 BMW 328i problems

2015 BMW 328i problems are about as annoying as you’d expect

BMW is one of the most popular and instantly recognizable car brands on the market. Usually synonymous with luxury and status, many opt with the brand for its well-known reputation. Despite being a luxurious brand, there are still plenty of 2015 BMW 328i problems to know about if you’re shopping for one.

The 2015 BMW 328i is known for having problems with the cooling system, power steering system, and oil leaks from nearly every gasket on the engine. Oh – and there’s that annoying self-destructing mirror issue as well. This isn’t as great of a car as you think it is.

What are the most common problems of a 2015 BMW 328i?

Every car has its problems. Heck – even the list of pros and cons for the BMW 3 Series is long enough to deter most people. I wouldn’t go as far as to consider them horrendous, but BMWs in general are more problematic than most. Here are some of the most common problems for the 2015 BMW 328i:

Oil leaks galore

Unfortunately, oil leaks are a well-known problem with all BMW models. The manufacturer is notorious for making vehicles that spring an oil leaks from all sorts of places (but most commonly the valve cover gasket).

However, this is an issue that’s incredibly common with all BMW 328i’s, and the 2015 model seems to be among the worst. Oil leaks can be spotted most easily by the oil left behind where a car has been parked for a decent amount of time. Looking underneath the car (around the oil pan) will give you a pretty good indication of where the leaks are coming from.

You also might notice that your car needing an oil change sooner than usual. An oil leak is usually an easy fix for a leaky gasket, but it’s temporary and can lead to more serious problems later on.

2015 BMW 328i
Yes, you may be willing to deal with some of the problems the 328i has because of how good it looks, but…do yourself a favor and keep reading.

Cooling system problems

The BMW 328i is well-known to have problems with overheating and cooling, which is notable since it can lead to other problems. When it comes to this particular model, there are two main issues:

  • The 328i commonly leaks coolant. Without enough coolant, it’ll overheat.
  • The water pumps used in this particular model year aren’t very reliable. Very few 328is make it through their entire lifespan without needing to have their water pumps replaced. Ask any BMW owner. Watch their face turn red when you ask them about BMW water pumps.

As far as the consequences of overheating goes, they can be extremely severe:

  • It often causes an engine to shut down or seize up, which can be dangerous or even fatal if it happens while you’re driving.
  • Overheating can also cause parts of the engine to melt and even weld together. When this happens, the engine is destroyed and will need to be replaced.
white 2015 BMW 328i
Parked on the side of the road because I wanted to take a picture of it? Or because it broke down? I can’t remember.

Power steering system failure

The 2015 BMW 328i is notorious for power steering systems that fail. More specifically, it’s typical for the power steering hoses – the system that delivers power steering fluid – to fail or disconnect. The hoses may crack or rupture, stopping the system from working altogether.

Disconnections are easier to fix, but a rupture requires a complete replacement. Regardless of the cause, it’s another common issue for 328i owners to worry about (because it is a BMW after all, and those hoses will fail at some point).

Heater blower fan failure

The air conditioning systems of 2015 BMW 328i’s are known to have a variety of issues. The most common issue is the heater blower failing altogether. The heater blower transports the air into the vehicle, so it’s a pretty important component if you live in a cold or warm weather climate.

Thankfully, this is (usually) an easy fix. This is a very common problem on all BMW’s of this era, so your local mechanic likely does a these kinds of repairs often. They may not enjoy it, but they do it.

Climate controls 2015 BMW 328i
Climate controls for the 2015 328i. I like the interior of the car I drive tp be warm, ok?

Shaking or vibrating air conditioning

Not only are there problems when the fan doesn’t work (above), but there are also problems when it does work. The 2015 BMW 328i is known to have issues where the air conditioning system will shake, rattle, or otherwise vibrate while it’s working. This is an annoying sound and can make for an extremely unpleasant drive – practically eliminating any luxury the vehicle is known for.

The shaking results from a lack of refrigerant in the system, requiring a proper leak diagnosis to find the exact problem. You can often fix it by recharging the AC system, though leaks are more complicated (and costly) to repair.

To make matters worse, the shaking also has the side effect of causing the steering wheel to vibrate. Are you sure that you still want to buy that 2015 328i you’ve got your eye on?

Self-breaking mirrors

The 2015 BMW 328i suffers an interesting and almost comically silly issue of the mirrors breaking themselves. The folding mirrors retract automatically when parking. Ironically, this is a feature implemented to stop accidental damage to mirrors by passing cars or other such hazards, but they end up breaking themselves.

The issue comes when the mirrors extend outwards. On occasion, the mirror will continue extending until it’s snapped out of place. When this happens, it’ll stop responding to the automatic mirror-moving function and will need to be adjusted manually.

If the damage is severe enough, there’s a specific procedure needed to fix it that will not completely break the mirror. Your local BMW mechanic will know exactly what to do.

This problem is less common with the 2015 model of the 328i. However, I did notice weird mirror activity on the car I drove in my 2015 BMW 328i review. And it was brand new at the time, which was especially worrisome.

2015 BMW 328i doors open
What a 328i looks like that has been abandoned by it’s occupants for being an ******* car.

Is the 2015 BMW 328i reliable enough to be used as a daily driver?

Overall, yes. While the 2015 328i has its fair share of problems, most drivers will find it reliable enough to be a daily vehicle. Make sure you take it to get maintenance frequently enough to catch any issues before they appear.

As long as you maintain it properly, a 328i is a good choice for a daily driver in my opinion.

How many miles does the 2015 BMW 328i last?

With regular maintenance, you can expect to get up to 200,000 to 250,000 miles out of a 328i before it will need to be recycled and replaced. The important thing to remember is that this is not likely to happen if you ignore (or delay) regular maintenance.

You don’t have to be religious about it – as long as you’re taking it to a mechanic every 30,000 miles for an inspection, you’ll get a lot of miles out of it.

Is it expensive to maintain?

As a luxury vehicle, you should expect a bit higher cost than average to maintain. Based on what my friends tell me about their BMW 328i’s, you can expect to spend about $800 annually on general maintenance (not counting the cost of any unexpected repair it may need). But remember – as long as you’re keeping up with general maintenance, unexpected repairs shouldn’t happen all that often).

Notable recalls and safety concerns

These are the two most notable recalls that have occurred for the 2015 BMW 328i:

  • On August 17th, 2015, a recall was issued regarding the side marker lamps. The lights were not activating, making the vehicle less visible at night (a major safety hazard).
  • Another recall arose on October 24th, 2018,: High temperatures were causing melting of the EGR valve, increasing the risk of a fire.

For the latest information, I highly recommend checking out what the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has to say about it.

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